Linking Accounts

Ready to learn to link your accounts? It is way easy!

1. Register your new account and sign in.
2. Sign out.
3. Sign into your OOC account.
4. Go to your UCP (User Control Panel) and select 'Managed Linked Accounts'
5. From there follow the onscreen instructions (also included in the image I post below) to enter your master password for your OOC account, the new name you just registered and that password.
6. Click submit and then you are done!

Check out the visual tutorial, here

**One thing to keep note about is that when you are posting and you happen to post from the wrong account, we can't just switch the user real fast like we did on JCink, but it can be fixed. There is a tutorial on that here. We are doing everything we can to get the coders to design us an extension for this. Cross your fingers!
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