A rock in the storm

25-27 | Former Lover | Surname open | Henry Cavil PB
When Chris was forced to flee France, he left behind a man he was very close with, and I'd like him to get to Venice. I leave most all of the details to you. Certainly, he could have met Chris in anyway though I suggest the easiest way would be either as a revolutionary or as a servant or noble at one of Chris' mothers homes.

Equally, the circumstances of their separation when Chris fled are also at your discretion, and any events between meeting and departure with the exception of the presence of a romantic relationship with Chris are your choice.

The must-haves:
  • That Toby falls into the specified age range
  • His name be Toby
  • He be played by Henry Cavill
  • He should have formally been romantic with Chris in his past
Other than that, there is a lot of room to make him your own. Any questions feel free to message me here or on Discord. (Cal).
word count: 171

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