I'll Ruin You (M/M)


Vivien Thiebault
28 | Former Lover/Rival | Nobleman | PB open (Hugh Dancy suggested)


This is an ad for a former lover of Pierre De Belleville. I put this ad in romance, but what Pierre and Vivien have is much more of a twisted, psycho-sexual les liaisons dangereuses than a sweet love story. Hugh Dancy is the suggested PB, but I'm very open if you'd like to use someone else. Without further ado, here is Vivien's story:

Before Pierre, fled to Venice, he lived a charmed life in Paris. As a nobleman with court connections, Pierre didn't really have to work, but ambition led him to pursue a career in finance. This is where Vivien comes in. Vivien and Pierre started out as Viv's financier and client, helping him manage his money, and advising him in the art of financial speculation. An unintended consequence of their arrangement? They became secret lovers.

When Vivien became engaged to a high-profile socialite with a sizeable dowry, he broke it off with Pierre, out of his desire to keep his engagement scandal-free until the wedding day. Unfortunately, Pierre did not take the rejection well, and got obsessive and vengeful. Pierre contacted Vivien for one "lash hurrah" in the bedroom, but deliberately timed it so that he would be seen leaving Vivien's house just as his intended was arriving. He made sure to plant a longing kiss on his former lover in plain view of his fiancee, who was horrified.

The socialite promptly broke off the marriage, and told everyone that Vivien was gay. The Comte had already had a reputation for bedding everyone that came into his orbit, regardless of gender, but Vivien's reputation had previously been squeaky clean. Not anymore. Vivien's family was left scandalized by the incident, and to add insult to injury, the financial speculations that Vivien invested in, on advice of Pierre, failed, leaving him on the verge of bankruptcy.

Vivien is now in Venice, too (for reasons that are up to you), and while there is a part of him that still burns for Pierre, he seeks revenge on the man who essentially ruined him in Paris. Much about this character is open. You can change his name, play-by, nationality, etc., Vivien can still be destitute, or perhaps he's built his fortune back up. It's up to you how much Vivien hates Pierre, but I see Vivien as someone whose heart is very torn. Both men have always remained incredibly attracted to one another, despite their relationship's downfall. There even is a potential for romance to rekindle, if Vivien can forgive Pierre, and Pierre could give up his games and sexual one-up-manship. Lots of drama ahead!

If you're interested in taking Vivien, just post here, PM Laura or catch me on Discord: Laura#6842
word count: 481
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