Secret Love (Looking for a M lover for Julia.)


Name: Amon Esposito
Age: 24
Suggested FC: Avan Jogia (you can totally change this, it's just who came to my mind first~)

So! Currently Julia is just about to married to Umberto Orazio (Laura's character). However, it's not destined to be a happy marriage and soon Julia will be desperately looking for ways to distract herself or occasionally, hurt Umberto. This is where Amon comes in. I'd like for them to begin as friends; maybe he delivers something to their house or he bumps into her in town. But eventually, probably after she's had her child and her resentment towards Umberto is at full swing, they become lovers.

She needs someone who values her on things other than her wealth or her beauty; someone who can see her quiet intelligence and imagination and help her to bring it out. They'd have to keep their relationship a secret, but of course part of the fun would be what happens when they're found out~

A lot of the details like his backstory and exact occupation/sexuality etc you can decide, I'm not too picky as long as hes a sweet guy and preferably not a Noble - it'd be good for her to interact with someone that isn't wealthy on a close level.

Message me on discord or PM me here if interested! My ooc account is dull_rogue. :)
word count: 236

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