Above His Station (Love Interest, M/M)


Thadeo Solsa
Thirty-something | Noble or Merchant | Venetian | Suggested PB Ben Lambert (but wide open)


This ad is for a love interest for my character, Rizardo who is a steward/butler for the Comte de Belleville. Thadeo and Rizardo met when Rizardo was working as the butler at the palazzo of wealthy diplomat, Francesco Dario. Thadeo was Francesco's former lover, and made many visits to Palazzo Dario, where was familiar with Rizardo. Thadeo and Rizardo did not have an affair at the time, unless you count simmering glances from across the room. Eventually, Francesco died of a heart attack, forcing Thadeo to find a new lover, and Rizardo to find new employment. The two men pretty much forgot about each other...until now.

A chance meeting brings Thadeo to Rizardo again and a spark ignites between them. Thadeo is torn about falling for someone in the servant class. However, much Thadeo desires Rizardo, he feels that Riz is beneath his station. This will put a lot of fun tension into their love affair if they get that far. Other than that, Thadeo’s personality is totally up to you! You can change everything about him, including PB, name, nationality, occupation. He should be fairly wealthy, either a noble or a merchant, and he should be gay or bisexual.

If you're interested in taking Thadeo, just post here, PM Laura or catch me on Discord: Laura#6842
word count: 238
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