Revolutionary Assistant

Sebastien Labelle

Early 20's, revolutionary assistant and lover for Michel
Suggested Playby: Bill Skarsgard

To make a long story short Michel is busy with work handed by his revolutionary contacts in France. During the French Revolution, several nobles are escaping France to Venice and it is Michel's job to keep an eye on them, track them down, catch them or dispose of them - or make them work for him. After he has spent months in Venice, an assistant is finally sent to aid him... with time however, the assistant may become more than just that to Michel, who can be very obsessive and controlling of people who get close to him.

Sebastien is just in his early 20's and his heart burns for the revolution! He'll do whatever his superiors in it ask of him and now they've sent him to Venice. What his past is like, is of course up to you, but I imagine him to be very enthusiastic and as dedicated to the cause as Michel is. Michel will want to train him and require attention - and hopes that he will find a very willing student in Sebastien.
word count: 196
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