Eyes Like Windows

Late July, Early August, 1792

She wanted to take in as much of the area as she could, and had not yet visited Murano... Early in the morning, Lucrezia made her way into Murano and then wandered about, taking in the beauty of the lagoon... However, her mind was kind of distracted. She had given herself to someone after fighting it all night. While the details were still hazy to her in a lot of ways, she knew that it meant she could not go home to her family, for she was not pure anymore and she was not sure she was fit to marry. But did that mean she was sad? Perhaps not... Her family would do just fine without her, she would not go home to bring shame to them.

It was wit relief that her menses had come, it simply would not do to be with child at this point; not when she was quite alone in Venice. She might visit Ruggiero again one day, at least to see if he was well, but she was not going to be vying for his attention either! No, she was not going to love the man, not when he was to marry another woman. She didn't want him to love her either... So it needed to be that she sought something else, perhaps someone to be exclusive with but not necessarily someone to fall in love with or marry.

Lucy had started her journey, looking for a good man... But the longer she stayed in Venice, the more independent she wanted to be. She did not want to breed all kinds of babies like her mother did for her father, her hopes and dreams did not remain in Tuscany where her family was! No, these days, she had much more she wanted for herself, and that was to make something of herself. There weren't very many options for women, however, and she certainly didn't wish to earn her money on her back, she had decided to become a nurse after all this.

She stood on one of the several bridges above a canal, gazing at the sparkling water. The noon sun was brilliantly bright, causing light to cascade beautifully against the glassy surface. Her lips curled upward slightly at the thought of how lovely it looked, and she pondered at just how she had fallen in love with the city of masks...

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Re: Eyes Like Windows

Europe was ablaze, already the wars had rekindled with the Austrians, and rumors had that soon even Spain may be the next victim of the new French Government. A King under guard by his own nation, Phillipe had been saved from the horrors that some had already begun to face, being on the lower end of the nobility scale, and in truth the only reason he had risen to officer so quickly was his godfather being a General. He had just received word of the battle of Valmy, led by his godfather Kellermann, the first real victory, however small against Austria. Already Phillipe had written his congratulations to the man, along with the small hint that he was hoping to join him soon, as one of the members of the cavalry. Problem was, with the mass exodus of nobility from France came the downfall of the strong majority of officers from the Cavalry, the highest of the high levels of commission within the Army. So it left men like Phillipe sidelined while France went to war, rebuilding from almost scratch a Cavalry Corp which would be second to none.

For now, it left Phillipe stranded in Venice, spending the majority of his time training and working with the horses that his father had helped assemble, and breed for that Corp. Too much time on one’s hands’ led to laziness, and it seemed he was the Adonis of laziness in that moment, for he lay upon the dock on a blanket, simple sun hat hiding his eyes, fishing pole in the water and within his grip, and of course, true to form, a bottle of wine nearby in the shade along with a basket of food, and a heavy cavalry sword. A man so frequently in touch with nature, more than once had he gotten in trouble for delaying caravans, or recon patrols in order to fish or hunt, completely justified within his own mind, and perhaps why he was abandoned here in Venice for his penance.

This was his escape, from the work with the horses, albeit one of his favorite things in life, it grew tedious at times, especially when his mind was on the other end of Europe fighting. His men were also chomping at the bit, but they wouldn’t go against orders, not with one of the few ‘nobles’ they admired actually having remained their commander. In his absence he had become de facto Captain of the cavalry squadron, which sounded grand, until one took into account a Squadron which could number two hundred, was only about ten men at the moment, and all virgins to war except for his Sergeant, a big stocky man who had fought as a regular at Yorktown against the British.

Soft whistling seemed to escape from beneath that large straw hat, soft enough it shouldn’t scare the fish away, but what was fishing but being lazy, with the small hope of catching something to show for it?

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Re: Eyes Like Windows

The whistling drew her attention... Her gaze moved toward the man who had a fishing pole, she craned her neck and looked closer. She finished going over the bridge, and was walking in his general direction but not to approach. She didn't know the man, and it wasn't like she could see his face... Lucrezia only wanted to hear the whistling a little closer, perhaps to memorize the tune. Not that she was a singer...

She wasn't paying attention to where she walked, for she bumped into someone, and she could feel them scramble to make sure she didn't fall, but she went right into the water. The man would probably hear the splash of water and then the sputtering as Lucrezia, weighted down by her clothes, fought to stay afloat. She was glad that she knew how to swim. She was pretty tired by the time she made it back to the dock and climbed up.

The person who had knocked her in was apologizing up and down and she waved her hands to ward him off...

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Re: Eyes Like Windows

He wasn’t seeing anything through the straw of that hat, so his first indication that she even existed in this world, was that large splash as human body entered the canal. Now who was deciding to dump a body in the middle of the day? That was just a bad choice. Though sputtering quickly turned it from the removal of evidence, to probably an accident in the making. Hand would lift the brim of the hat, getting the first look of a drowned rat, no, that’s not it, a female who decided on a mid-day swim, against her will it seemed, for the melody of apologies rained from a man’s lips. Which had the strange situation of bringing a smile to his; only once the note was taken she was alright.

Briefest of sighs would be given as body rose from that laying position, the hook pulled from the water, for if there were fish there previous, there most certainly was not any which remained after the girl invaded their domain so unwilling. Hook would be hooked into the cork of the fishing pole handle, and hat would be set to the side as he gained his feat. Blanket beneath him would be snatched up, as would sword which hooked to that belt around his waist. Basket and pole he left for a moment, steps taking him over to the drenched woman, and without a word, gently placed the blanket over her shoulders, then let it rest upon her shoulders. Only then did he seem to let eyes find her own, a simple smile, as though courtesy before he spoke.

“Despite the warmth in the air, the canal is still a bit cold for swimming.”

A joke to break the ice, or crash through it and drown, either way it would lead to discovery.
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Re: Eyes Like Windows

She closed her eyes against the litany of apologies, lifting a hand to halt the person... "Just... I'm fine... Please..." So it felt like her day had soured. The person backed away and then scurried off as someone else approached. A blanket was laid around her shoulders and the sound of a masculine voice reached her ears. She took a deep breath, calming, cleansing, through the nostrils, out of the mouth, and then she lifted her hand to brush her wet strands of hair away from her face. A cat like facial structure is revealed, fitting on a redhead, really, and then those blue eyes of hers found the face of the good Samaritan.

He had the ruggedly handsome kind of face, and a sensuous mouth. That mouth, she thought, could get her into much trouble if she let it. Her eyes met his, and she gave a weak laugh at his joke, but it was a half assed attempt with the humor he presented. Indeed, she was already shivering with the chill the water brought to her. "I thank you, Signore," she said as she was dimly aware of clutching the now, damp blanket closer to her in an attempt to get warm. It wasn't working as well as it could. She tilted her head back and wondered just how she was going to get into the palazzo where she was employed, without attracting stares.

Lucrezia bit her lip and then said, "I would have preferred not to have a swim at all. I just came for the view. I heard you whistling, moved in closer, and someone knocked me into the canal. Now I am cold." She gave a smile, showing that while she was not feeling particularly happy at that moment in time, she certainly had a sense of humor and the joke was not completely lost on her.

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Re: Eyes Like Windows

The attempt at laughter did bring an easy smile to his lips, thankfully such a joke, at her expense, had not infuriated her due to the situation. She was rather pretty, even when soaked, and her eyes had the natural sense of being able to cut through most men no doubt. Italian words fell from her lips like a beautiful stream, and thankfully the locale of his home had allowed him to become fluent in that language from childhood. A brief nod was given at the thanks, not as though one would expect him to simply stand away and not offer a thick blanket that he did have available. Though her next intent, saying that it was due to his whistling that she moved closer, and therefore found herself in the canal, brought a small frown to those features, brows dropping for a brief moment. Was he really the culprit of such a problem in her mind?

“Well, I did not consider my tune one enough to cause problems, though from now on I guess I shall be very careful on where I whistle, lest it cause more…accidental baptisms.”

That jovial nature of his returned as a soft laugh would leave his mouth. Of course, Italy was quite religious, one of the reasons he could get into trouble now and then, with his rather dislike of all things Catholic Church this last decade. Though with her mention of a chill, he would nod briefly before speaking, as though gathering his thoughts.

“Well, if you grant me a few moments to get my equipment from fishing, there is a nearby eatery which specializes in a Spanish dish called Paella, and they have quite a large fire always going in the place, give you a chance to get warm inside and out. Probably a dress maker nearby, get you something else to wear while your own clothes get dried for your journey home. If you care to go?”
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Re: Eyes Like Windows

"Well, your tune wasn't exactly at fault for my descent into the canal, it was the cause of my curiosity. But I find myself glad I came by to visit, even if it left me in such... well... you can see." She laughed. The laugh was a genuine one, and her nose wrinkled a little as she did so. She most certainly didn't have one of those annoying, bird like laughs, but an honest sounding one. Then he offered to take her to eat some food and get some dry clothes if she but waited for him to get his belongings. She lifted a hand to push her wet hair away from her face and nodded, watching him.

Assuming he went to go do that, she watched him quietly for a moment and huddled in his blanket, and she would say eventually, "I can pay for a gown, something enough to warm me up. I fear anything is better than this wet garb at this point. And Paella sounds lovely, I would love to try it." She didn't explain that her funds were not exactly the greatest at the moment, but if she took up the offer that she had been given by Ruggiero to model for him... But she hadn't made the choice yet as to whether to take his offer for other... more personal things.

With a sigh, she forced her mind off of Ruggi and on the man who was before her, who seemed quite different from the other. Instead of her offering her help, in the way that she did, he was offering. He didn't have to, it wasn't his fault she was dripping wet and cold... It was enough to take the hand he held out, so to speak. She bit her lip and then tightened the blanket about her, deciding not to think about what kind of hit her too deep than she was quite ready for. "My name is Lucrezia Capone."
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Re: Eyes Like Windows

“Ahh yes, a state between mermaid and lady. Curiosity can be a deadly thing, but I have found it leads to some of the most amazing situations, and I could not have made it this far in life without it.”

Not that he had begun life in that sense, at times fully expecting to go into the Catholic Church when he was younger, for who turned down that in a dominantly Catholic nation? His views had changed, along with the views of his nation however, both rejecting the centuries old belief system for their own, an evolution which had left him cynical toward religion and priests, but open minded of the world, and what he could learn from it. Which made it difficult in Italy, though thankfully Venice was much more forgiving on that subject.

There was a small grin when she mentioned that Paella sounded lovely, though no doubt the first time she had even heard the name of the dish. She’d learn soon, and no doubt become addicted to the shellfish of the Med, as he had when he had first tried it. He did not leave her side for long, making way back down to the small dock which he had perched upon and attempted to fish. Rod over his shoulder, he returned to her side with that same easy going smile which made him seem so very approachable, just in time to hear her mention she would pay for her own replacement clothing in which she could be dry.

“Oh, and here I had no intention of allowing you to pay for it once I offered, hmm, we might be at an impasse, but I still won’t let you, I was the one who suggested it after all. French courtesy you will see extends even into other nations.”

Faint chuckle played from those lips, and eyes rose to the sky for a brief moment to gauge the time of day, and the direction upon which they would need to travel to find them at the Inn which served the food. Eyes fell back upon her, as he nodded in the direction which would take them nearer one of the smaller fishing ports.

“Well, that is the way of our destination, by all means let us make haste, and get you out of those wet clothes.”

He tried, and failed to not smirk at his words the moment they left his lips, but that roguish mentality could not help but enjoy the faint innuendo he had not initially intended.
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Re: Eyes Like Windows

Lucrezia was not sure how to respond right away. It seemed that Phillipe had caused the normally chatty girl to lose all train of thought for a moment, before she recovered and said, "It wasn't your fault this one got wet, though, Signore. I couldn't take such liberties with your purse. Besides, you seem like a gentleman who would see silk and try to drape me in it when I am clearly not worthy of such fabric." Indeed, the material of her gown was nothing spectacular. Little did she know, though, that she would be draped in silk anyways in days to come.

She continued to shiver some and they would walk toward their first destination. Indeed, the fabric in that store was meant more for society than lowly folk like her, and her eyes were as wide as saucers as she gazed around, almost turned on heel to walk out, and then gave him a glance. "Come now, isn't there some place better suited to the needs of a winemaker's daughter?"

But there was a gown on display that... simply took her breath away when she looked at it, and he would probably see her looking at it in awe, then down at herself, and back again. The gown was premade, obviously, and it was a pretty violet color that would most certainly bring out the little flecks in her blue eyes and match well with her peaches and cream complexion. She wondered if she would do it justice... Briefly... But only briefly, before shaking her head, because it was most certainly something she could not afford.

"Do you have anything more suited to a domestic worker?" she asked the seamstress, who most certainly did but gave the silent but judgmental look in her direction.

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Re: Eyes Like Windows

The briefest of chuckles could not help but roll from the Frenchman’s lips at her mention of him dressing her in silk. Though a small shake of the head would be given to her, along with that dashing wink he had learned so well.

“Oh no mademoiselle, with your pension for random swimming, I would never subject the silk to that.”

The chuckle turned to a laugh, though soft, as though hoping she would not take offense at such a jab at her more recent state of wetness. The choice of dress shop wasn’t intended as one to belittle her, it was just one of the few places he was aware of which he passed on the way to the seafood he enjoyed, which was actually quite well priced in this part of the city. As she turned around, asking about a place suited, the simplest of shrugs would be given in response to her. He was a bit shocked that a woman could be so down to earth; the ones he usually met were full of delusions of grandeur, despite their places in life.

“Just see if they have anything you like. We’ll go from there.”

And see it apparently she did. Phillipe knew when a woman saw something she wanted, though often enough that gaze of desire fell upon himself, not that he would ever disapprove of being looked at in such a way. Smile would remain upon those lips, watching the way her eyes moved over the dress, the contemplation of how it looked, felt, compared to the price of such material, and time spent making it. She would have a far different mentality when it came to money than Phillipe, but then again, as a minor noble, with a successful family business in horse trading, raising, and training, as well as a military officer’s pay, it wasn’t a dent in his finances. Besides, being French, he’d just write it in as an investment of the French Army after all.

“She probably does, but that’s not what we’re going to buy. She’ll take the one she likes.”

That smile once more, one which was returned mightily by the woman selling the dress, as hand would disappear into his shirt to pull out his wallet. The coins were counted out, and handed to the woman, and he would grin back at Lucrezia.

“Now, go make sure it fits, and I’m sure the lady here would be more than willing to let your wet clothes dry while we go partake of some lunch.”

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