Eyes Like Windows

Late July, Early August, 1792

She wanted to take in as much of the area as she could, and had not yet visited Murano... Early in the morning, Lucrezia made her way into Murano and then wandered about, taking in the beauty of the lagoon... However, her mind was kind of distracted. She had given herself to someone after fighting it all night. While the details were still hazy to her in a lot of ways, she knew that it meant she could not go home to her family, for she was not pure anymore and she was not sure she was fit to marry. But did that mean she was sad? Perhaps not... Her family would do just fine without her, she would not go home to bring shame to them.

It was wit relief that her menses had come, it simply would not do to be with child at this point; not when she was quite alone in Venice. She might visit Ruggiero again one day, at least to see if he was well, but she was not going to be vying for his attention either! No, she was not going to love the man, not when he was to marry another woman. She didn't want him to love her either... So it needed to be that she sought something else, perhaps someone to be exclusive with but not necessarily someone to fall in love with or marry.

Lucy had started her journey, looking for a good man... But the longer she stayed in Venice, the more independent she wanted to be. She did not want to breed all kinds of babies like her mother did for her father, her hopes and dreams did not remain in Tuscany where her family was! No, these days, she had much more she wanted for herself, and that was to make something of herself. There weren't very many options for women, however, and she certainly didn't wish to earn her money on her back, she had decided to become a nurse after all this.

She stood on one of the several bridges above a canal, gazing at the sparkling water. The noon sun was brilliantly bright, causing light to cascade beautifully against the glassy surface. Her lips curled upward slightly at the thought of how lovely it looked, and she pondered at just how she had fallen in love with the city of masks...

word count: 407

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