Sun in the Sky

Alessandro was being daring today; he was walking outside, on his own, alone. The sun was bright today, everything seemed fine, but it had been the same that day at the market, where Umberto had shown up and accused Alessandro of stealing and taken him away. He didn’t want to think about that day, he had to move on and right now, today, he was trying hard at that. He couldn’t expect Angelica to follow him outside every time he left the house, and Felix wasn’t always available either. Alessandro had always managed well on his own before and he had to learn how to do it again. He was different though, than he’d been before the past few months. He was different from last year, when he moved to Venice to live.

Still, the air felt clean and nice today and he’d gone to watch the ships in Venice; the real ships, not just the gondolas. They reminded him of his youth, long days and longer nights spent with the most handsome merchant, who treasured him and paid him true attention. His previous fiancé Vittoria – or Sergio, as his real name was – had been the same, but he was gone too. They were all gone. He had perhaps seen Silvano when he just arrived to Venice last fall, but then his old lover had to leave because of business and Alessandro hadn’t seen him since… and now it seemed so long ago. The tall ships reminded him of Silvano though, as always.

He was in his own thoughts when he suddenly came to a stop because something looked familiar to him. A ship, and not just any ship… was that… could that be? Silvano had returned to Venice? Alessandro looked up at the tall and magnificent ship and smiled. Yes, it was his ship! Was he there though? Was he here to see Alessandro? Oh he hoped so, he’d definitely love some of that familiar tenderness he used to get from Silvano. Just the sight of the ship made him happy and he stood still, watching it, hoping to catch a glimpse of Silvano aboard so he could get his attention.

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Re: Sun in the Sky

The sun was on the clear blue sky and the sea breeze brought some pleasant sensation. Silvano was sitting at a wooden table with other merchants, playing cards, drinking some Spanish wine and changing words around their last trip and trades. From time to time they laughed at some jokes. Silvano even found himself laughing out loud. He was in a good mood. One of the reasons was his good luck with gambling. The other reason was the good weather they had on the trip. Finally, a third reason was more personal. Silvano hoped that he would finally get to see his old lover Alessandro. The last time they've seen each other was the last autumn, but he's been too busy with his business and had to leave Venice.

There's been a long trip back from Spain, where the merchants had a great trading season. When they saw the lands approaching, the sailors cried out 'Hooray' and everybody got impatient to finally finish their sea trip. Venice was beautiful, like a jewel. As Silvano looked around , he saw the cityscape that grew more and more as they approached, revealing more and more details of the amazing Venice. Once they reached the shore, it took the sailors some more moments to stop. A few men and women ran towards the ones they've been waiting for. Silvano left the ship inhaling from a cigar. His attention got captured by a familiar figure. Was the guy Alessandro? "For Heaven's sake,I am happy to see you here, Sandro!" he exclaimed wrapping an arm around him and embracing him.

"If I didn't see you here, I would search for you in Verona." Silvano spoke again after a while, taking Alessandro's face in his hands and kissing him on his lips. Even if he had the idea that Alessandro has found another lover, he didn't care. He would search for him in the whole Verona because he missed him.
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Re: Sun in the Sky

Alessandro hadn’t come here today thinking Silvano would be back. It had been so long since he last saw him and it wasn’t like they wrote letters or anything. They could easily do that though, but Silvano had once told him he liked to work when he was away from Venice, so he’d probably be too busy anyway. Too busy for lonely little Alessandro in Venice. But now his ship was back and Alessandro could barely believe his own eyes. When it was finally by the dock, the men began leaving the ship, and he saw several men running towards people waiting for them.

And then came Silvano! Alessandro’s heart started beating faster, he looked every bit as handsome as ever! So attractive, rugged and strong at the same time. Smoking a cigar, something Alessandro would never touch, but that was part of his appeal… that he was everything Alessandro was not. An adventurer to tell him stories. A lover to keep him warm and safe… someone to have fun with. He had it all, well, more or less anyway. And Silvano seemed just as happy to see Alessandro, as he approached Alessio and embraced him.

Alessandro happily returned the warm embrace, inhaling the scent of the sailor and closed his eyes for a moment, wanting to just stay here. This was just what he needed, really. He almost felt like crying, but would try not to. He’d cried enough lately!

“I’m very happy to see you too, Silvano… you have no idea…” Alessandro said, and then the other pulled back and kissed Alessandro openly here on the docks, where everyone could see them. He was so bold! Oh how he’d missed all of this!

“Well here I am… are you well? You’ve been gone a long time. Do you have plans for tonight?” He instantly asked, he couldn’t wait to spend time with Silvano. Now everything would be better, he just knew it. Now everything could be back to normal.

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Re: Sun in the Sky

Sometimes he thought of Alessandro during his travels, wondering where he was, how days passed for him. Days passed quickly for himself. He woke up early in the morning, got busy in the various markets and went to bed at late hour after good long talks and drinks. Sometimes he wished they could write letters to each other. One day back in Spain he even wrote a letter but found himself throwing it somewhere because he didn't know about Alessio's whereabouts. What if someone else read the letter?

Silvano stopped for a moment to look at Alessandro, simply wanting to indulge himself in his beauty. He was a young and handsome man. Silvano had to admit that the last time they've met he didn't have time to admire his lover. For the moment, he could. And he took benefits on each moment that passed without being disturbed by anyone's curious glance. Everybody was too busy with the other sailors' and merchants' boxes, bags and what not. Alessio looked very attractive. He felt like time hasn't passed and it felt good.

The two men stayed in a tight embrace for long minutes. He smiled as he noticed that Alessandro inhaled his scent closing his eyes for a mere moment. They've been away from each other for too long. He'd missed Alessandro's scent as well. Way too much he could say.

Silvano was a guy who didn't care too much about where he kissed his companion or who saw them, but he knew he had to stop at some point before he would capture too much attention. "Do tell me, why are you here on the docks?You didn't know about our arrival, did you?" Silvano hoped that everything was alright.

"I am better now that you are around, Sandro" Silvano responded. Indeed, they haven't seen each other for quite a long time. "It seems I don't have to search for you in Verona, so we can enjoy this evening together. Plus, I got lucky with gambling today. So I am going to buy something for you." he let him know. "What plans do you have for tonight?" he questioned.
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Re: Sun in the Sky

He didn’t want to let go of the older man again. He’d taught Alessandro so much about pleasure and love and life in general too, and he meant so much for Alessandro. He might love other men or even women, although that had never happened… but there was always a place for Silvano in his heart, no matter what happened. Silvano was handsome, he was older, he was experienced, he was adventurous and courageous and bold… how could Alessandro not admire all of that at the same time? It felt good to have him back, felt good to hold him and feel his familiar lips pressed boldly to his own.

There was a pause, and he felt how Silvano looked at him and almost blushed under the other man’s gaze. They remained in the embrace though and then Silvano wondered why Alessandro was even here, on the docks…

“I was just taking a walk and I felt like coming here… the tall ships reminded me of you. And then I saw your ship. I didn’t know you’d be here. Perhaps it was fate?” He suggested with a smile, recalling his recent meeting with the seer Charles, who had indeed said that there would soon be good in his life, love even. And how could that be anyone else but Silvano, now that he was here? That had to be what Charles referred to. Alessandro was happy. And it came true! So Charles was no fraud, he was the real thing.

He’d then asked how Silvano was doing and he said he was better with Alessandro here. He almost blushed again, but Silvano easily went on about how they could enjoy the evening together and even said he’d buy something for Alessandro. Then in turn wondered if Alessandro had plans.

“I had no plans… perhaps you’d have dinner at our place? I’d love if you came to spend the night… but… you know that.” He added with a wink, “My sister is staying with me at the moment though, but I’m sure she won’t mind. She knows about us.” He and Angelica had always been close and always talked easily to each other about their affairs with other men and women. Angelica knew all about Silvano and knew him too, since he knew Alessandro's entire family. And he was certain she’d be happy to see him too. And happy to know Silvano made Alessandro so happy. But enough thinking about her, he wanted to focus on the handsome beast in his arms, “What will you buy? Or is it a surprise?”

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Re: Sun in the Sky

Silvano kissed him again boldly. Alessio was handsome, young, passionate and a pleasant company. "It's good to have you here with me now that I actually plan on staying in Venice for longer. If we have to leave again, I think of taking you on the boat with us. You are living on your own now so I think that a trip on a boat won't be bad." he told him.

As he looked at him Silvano noticed that the other man was almost blushing. He cupped his chin with a hand, placing a kiss on his forehead, still embracing him. Even if there were too few he's embraced, he simply enjoyed these moments they shared.

Silvano couldn't help but smile down at him as Alessio mentioned fate. "I don't know. I don't believe too much in fate. " he responded . "I am a bit surprised that you mention fate. I thought that only women believed in fate. Some certain women, who practised witchcraft." Silvano let him know. He would like to hear more about what Alessio thought about this thing called fate. 'Did you take a good walk or we need to take some more walk? If you need some more walk, I can leave these boxes somewhere so we can have a good walk.'

He noticed another blush on the other's face and simply smiled. His words were simple and true. He did feel bettwe with Alessio there in his company. He's missed the other guy and found himself thinking of him from time to time. This meeting made his day even better.

"Some dinner would be a good thing after this long trip. You brought your servants from Verona? " He would like to know more about his lifestyle. Did he live alone actually? Did his servants follow him in Venice? He winked back at him as Alessio told him that he would love him to spend the night with him. "I would love that too." he let him know. As Alessio mentioned his sister, he made an effort to remember her. He hadn't paid too much attention to the young woman. "It's good to know that Angelica won't mind me being around." As far as he remember, Angelica proved to be a good companion. She accepted her brother's choices when it came about him. "Even if I had an idea about what I was going to buy, I wouldn't ruin the surprise."
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Re: Sun in the Sky

Silvano kissed him again and Alessandro couldn’t help but close his eyes and almost sigh and melt into the kiss, this was what he’d missed and wanted. God those lips felt good! If he didn’t control himself, his body would soon reveal just what that kiss did to him. Silvano then spoke of taking Alessandro with him on a sailing trip and that sounded so exciting! He’d heard so much about sailing trips after befriending Beppin, who had even offered to take Alessandro and Vittoria on a honeymoon on his ship… but the wedding never happened and so the honeymoon didn’t either. He couldn’t help but smile at Silvano’s offer, “That would be interesting. I think I’d enjoy that, with you.” Perhaps he would finally dare to go on an adventure?

Alessandro easily blushed under the older man’s gaze and smiled when the other kissed his forehead. When Alessandro mentioned fate however, Silvano wasn’t so sure of that. Alessandro grinned a little when the other said he knew only women who believed in fate, “Well it’s a known rumor that I can be quite feminine. But it’s true, I think… I met a seer recently, Silvano. A male seer, who was very nice and kind. And he… told me things that can only be true. He also spoke of how love would appear in my life soon. And here you are.” He added with a smile, only happy that Charles’ visions about him came true.

Silvano wondered if Alessandro wanted to walk more, “I’ll go anywhere with you.” He said softly, “If you want to walk, we can walk together. Who knows where we’ll end up…” Perhaps in Alessandro’s home and in his bed? And Silvano also liked the idea of dinner with Alessandro.

“I brought a few… we’ve always had a palazzo here in Venice, but it hasn’t been used much. Father sent me here, he thought that… well… I could find a wife here in Venice. But I’m not busy, you know. I just want to enjoy life.” And right now, life with Silvano. Oh he could just dance, he felt so happy within. They began walking and Alessandro mentioned his sister had also come to stay with him. Alessandro easily moved on though, wondering what Silvano would buy with him and he slid out of the embrace, but only to take Silvano’s hand so they could begin walking, “Aww, now you’re making me curious! No matter what it is though, I know I’ll be glad to get anything from you. And I’ll make sure you know that.” He added with a playful wink to the merchant captain.

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Re: Sun in the Sky

Silvano has missed Alessandro's kisses. They were warm, welcoming. They felt so good! He wanted to take Alessandro on a trip on the boat. He was sure that he would like the sight of the sea, the breeze, the adventures on the boat. "I will make sure that you will enjoy it with me, Alessandro." he responded to him, a wide smile on his lips. He was happy to know that Alessandro would like it.

The older man has heard about many things, but he had to admit that he hadn't met a seer. "A fortune teller, I guess." Silvano told him. "Love may appear in anyone's life. Like you appeared." he smiled, though he didn't believe in fortune tellers' words.

Silvano was glad to know that Alessandro wanted to walk with him. The two started walking down the way in front of them. They passed by a few houses and soon entered a small market. He looked admiringly at a few doves landing to eat some bread a boy has thrown.

It was interesting to hear that they've always had a palazzo there in Venice. Many families wanted their sons to find wives and Venice was a place Alessandro would find a wife if he desired so. "I don't see anything bad in wanting to enjoy life." he commented smiling warmly. "Now that I am here we'll enjoy life together." He held Alessandro's hand in his as they walked through the market. Soon he found a merchant selling pendants and other items of jewelry. He picked one , put it in Alessio's hand. "It's just a small silver dragon pendant. Like I said, I don't believe much in fortune items or words, so I picked this small dragon." he smiled warmly at him
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