Re: What the Heart Wants (M)

He was driving her to madness with every touch and kiss, and she started to shake from this... pressure within her and want... something more... She realized what it was when he guided her hand to his length, she took hold of it and felt the velvety skin around what felt like steel. She wanted that... But how on earth would that go... there...?? There where her body ached the most, where heat radiated and her loins burned with need. She whimpered at the thought and nodded to him bravely, her legs open again.

"Do it," she whispered, urgently, "I need you to do it now... Please... Do it before I lose courage to let you do it." Rose looked into his eyes and then said, "I need you..." Her voice was filled with emotion, she wanted to only think of him at this moment... Of being in his arms and being his, and more importantly, hearing his voice in her ear because the silence. She let go of his length after a time and then urged him closer, her mouth meeting his. Her grief was paramount, spurring her on to being bold.

She pressed her forehead into his neck and she muttered, "Please..." Her fingers moved over his back again and she lifted her hips, albeit kind of awkwardly, her inexperience definitely showed with this one. But he would know she was ready if he could feel that heat. Her mouth grazed along his shoulder and her hand moved to touch her almost lover's length again, for she was fascinated. If she knew what to do, she would do it.
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Re: What the Heart Wants (M)

As her hand wrapped around him and she asked him to take her, Raniero looked at her, less certain than he had been at first. Courage? Was she afraid of him? Or was this only an extension of the sadness he had also felt from her?

But then she tilted her hips, inviting him in, and the heat he felt from her reassured him. Besides, there was still little more he wanted at that moment than to be inside her. Was it his place to deny them what both of them wanted?

Moving her hand to rest on his shoulder, he pressed another kiss to her lips, then moved back to angle himself at her opening. He eased into her, and his eyes moved up to meet hers. His breath caught in his throat as he felt her move around his length, but he waited for her to grow accustomed to the feel of him there before starting to move his hips against hers, slow and gentle at first.
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Re: What the Heart Wants (M)

Her mouth met his when his came down upon hers. Then she felt him enter her, and all was well... Until he broke the barrier of her innocence... She broke the kiss with a startled cry, stiff against him at first... But then after a moment or so of him letting her grow accustomed to him, the pain eased and was replaced with a full feeling, and as he began to move, pleasure came. Her eyes met his, she started to move, awkwardly at first, until she figured out the rhythm. Her hands moved to grip at his back, she started to moan with every meeting of pelvises. "Raniero..." She breathed and arched instinctively, her fingers digging in as pressure began to build.

Her mouth met his again, she was shaking beneath him, her thighs quivering. Soon, she began to cry... Not because he was hurting her but because she was letting him in after she promised herself never to let another person in. "Please don't stop," she sobbed out and moved her legs around him, willing him to just... let go and take her. He would know in that moment without words being passed that they would be forever tangled together.

Rose gave every bit of herself to him, let him into the hurts and the joys with her embrace. She tightened around him, head falling back against the pillow. Her fingers dug even more and she cried out, hips straining. She was close, so close... To what? What was happening? Oh god! "Ohhhh! No... Nono... I can't...." She was holding back, something normal, of course, for an innocent who had never experienced what was to happen. She was shaking almost violently, her body ready to sail away into pleasure, but it frightened her from the intensity. He would probably understand her hesitation, how she needed but to hear him whisper into her ear to give it to him, to let it go.

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Re: What the Heart Wants (M)

Raniero heeded the encouragement Rose gave him, whether she was aware of it, whether she seemed to understand what she wanted, or otherwise. He got lost in her for a moment, all sensation, all response. He leaned in closer when her head fell back and again kissed along the length of her neck, but more heated this time, as he kept that rhythm going and building. Without thinking about how he knew it, he knew that Rose was hanging on tight to something on the cusp of her own pleasure, and then he realized that he was listening to her murmurs, insisting that she couldn’t. “You can,” he whispered, his words a breath against her ear. “Let go.”

And whenever she chose to let go, he would too, bringing them both to completion around the same time, breathing heavily in the warmth of their passion. And he would hold her for a little while longer, without any words just yet, but enjoying the remnants of their lovemaking.
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