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Toby listened to the Priest as he named the artists, announcing that the third arist was not there looking around one more time to see the paintings he has seen earlier.

"Artists are always happy when their artworks are admired and sold out. I bet they already earned some admirers here" he commented, seeing a few ladies studying the paintings with interest, in detail. "It would be good to see them painting a palace or a church" he added.

"It's good to meet you Padre Agustin." Toby shook the other man's hand as he introduced himself to him."I am Toby de la Tremoille" He didn't know about the Priest's family. Toby was a French man who knew more about France and the French men and women.

As the Priest mentioned the artist's name again, Toby turned his head towards it.
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Re: Promoting the young artists

He was simply happy to have her by his side. He didn’t believe he was flirting either, since in his mind flirting was more of a game, while for him caring for her was serious. He would be polite with other ladies around, but he had for none other that gaze. And if knowing her passions better meant getting more acquainted with art, he could learn a lot from her words. Yes, he was paying attention what she said about each painting.

When Valentina asked him what attracted his attention upon her, he smiled and replied promptly:

”I wish I knew! You entered the workshop and… it was suddenly light inside, as if you brought the sun in your eyes or in your hair. But if you think about the characters of Luigi da Porto’s story, I doubt Romeo knew either why his eyes fell on Giulietta of the whole crowd at the party.”

She was beautiful, she was talented, what was not to like about her?

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Re: Promoting the young artists

Francesco listened to Rino’s confessions, his gaze still pinned on the painting. He had seen a part of Adeline’s behavior towards his childhood friend, and he had noticed that there was some familiarity and flirting, but he hadn’t expected that she was leading him on too. At least, as Rino was saying, she hadn’t given him more… but obviously she had given more to that artist, because this painting looked too intimate, even if it wasn’t as indecent as not to fit an exhibition organized by a priest.

”You are right, Rino. Better learn now than after the engagement, or after marriage. And playing three men at the same time takes some theatrical skills not every woman has,” he added with sarcasm in his voice, mixed with the overriding grief.

He was going to follow Gemma’s invitation, because both he and Rino needed a drink this afternoon. It was obvious they needed a place to drown their sorrow about an unfaithful woman.

Right then, having heard his sad and angry words, a man next to them intervened, telling him that many women were flighty. This was a thing Francesco had known, at least in theory, up to now, when he got confronted with the reality of it. Imagining Adeline old, ugly and with six children around her, all looking like Bastien Desrosiers, helped a little calming the two men unlucky in love.

”Thank you very much, signore, for your wise words. This helps with understanding what women find to admire so much at artists. And it makes a Hell of a sense… Everyone would know her only like she is here,” he pointed at the painting. ”Not a busy housemaid, not a future wife, mother or grandmother. And I guess this was exactly what she wanted. As for you, after this exhibition, do you want a glass of wine at the Tipsy Crow? It’s nearby. I guess I need a more experienced man’s support…”

He blushed at being complimented for his taste in women, nodding at the wish to find a faithful one.

”This is what I wish too, thank you. A faithful wife, a reliable work partner, a lover and a friend at the same time. Just that I have been wrong in thinking that Adeline was all these.”

Just realizing that he invited the man for a drink without exchanging introductions first, he said:

”And please allow me to introduce myself. Francesco Zanotta, inn helper at the Drunken Duck.”

He never mentioned his involvement in the law enforcement patrols unless it was necessary. And now it surely wasn’t.

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Re: Promoting the young artists

Simon hadn't expected to be called wise, because he didn't consider himself so. He hadn't expected to be invited for a drink either, but the afternoon was nice and maybe some company didn't harm, to have his mind off the medical field - because books to read in the same subject were waiting for him at home, and lectures to prepare. However, subjects like comforting a broken heart and women's faithfulness were thorny for him lately too...

"Thank you very much. I am looking at all the paintings here, then I follow you."

And he didn't need much time to look at the paintings. He smiled, hearing that the young dreamer wanted too much from his future wife. As if Simon himself didn't, and this was one of the main reasons why he wasn't married yet...

"You will find such a woman some day," he said.

When the young man introduced himself, he did the same.

"I am Simon Duran, doctor at Ospedali Generali di San Marco. I hope you won't need my services. Lovesick melancholy is treated better in an inn."
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Re: Promoting the young artists

Her eyes softened as he explained what had him simply look her way and only he way. She smiled, then, the smile of someone who was definitely infatuated. She had no idea what love felt like. She saw, in the corner of her eye, as her sister went to Francesco and her attention was drawn momentarily toward the son of the Inkeeper from the Drunken Duck. She didn't know any of the Zanottas that well, but they had all been part of a circle and never rivaled one another. It looked as if Gemma was comforting the young man. She canted her head, not knowing the situation, but thinking what a handsome pair the two made and wondered if, perhaps, there might be something there in the future. She hoped very much for that to happen. Her sister deserved to find a man whose eyes were for her only!

Tina turned her head to look at Milan again and she said softly, "I know this is wishful thinking, but would it be wrong of me to hope that something really lovely happens between Signore Zanotta and my sister? The same kind of thing you and I experience now...? I truly hope so... She deserves happiness and Francesco seems a good man." It might not happen, she knew it, for she had recently felt as if it wouldn't happen for either.

She tried not to think of Etienne, the young man who's eyes held her captivated for a short time, who had promised he would see her again soon and it seems like he had quite forgotten about her. She'd been disappointed but she also knew that whatever happened was meant to happen. Part of her was glad he didn't show up as promised, she would have possibly hurt Milan, and the thought of hurting Milan left her with an anxiety she never knew before. He was such a sweet man, and now he knew she felt for him the way he felt for her. He wouldn't break his promises to her!

Her eyes found his again and she said, "For whatever reason it did happen, I am glad." Yes, Milan was the right kind of man for her. She didn't need or want someone who would break promises, nor someone who could cause her belly to clench at the mere sight of the smoldering light in his eyes. Milan would keep her safe and secure, he would never let her down.

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Re: Promoting the young artists

The painters kept being surrounded by talkative people, and too busy to be approached. Milan and Valentina had disappeared somewhere in the crowd, looking at other paintings. If his cousin got some artistic education too from the woman of his dreams, this wouldn't harm, she mused.

As the foreign lady didn't seem talkative, stepping forward to look at other paintings and ignoring her, while Valentina's sister had just been introduced to two handsome young men, Antonia came closer to the priest, who was the organiser of the exhibition.

"Congratulations, padre, for your wonderful act of culture. I know that the Church has always protected the artists who loved Her," she said with enthusiasm in her voice.

Then she introduced herself, speaking to both the priest and the other gentleman next to him:

"I am Antonia Saxida from Stamperia di San Stin. We are issuing the Gazzetta di San Stefano, if you had seen it anywhere. And I'd like hearing, from both of you, some opinions about this exhibition. Maybe also what has made you, Padre, to support them and not others."

She took out her notebook and pencil, ready to take notes too.

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Re: Promoting the young artists

Agustin confirmed the other art supporter’s words.

”I am sure they have earned some admirers. There were people who asked me about them,” he continued, oblivious to the fact that a young man’s interest wasn’t purely in art, but with hidden un-Christian motives.

They shook their hands, as they introduced themselves to each other, then another young woman intervened to congratulate him. Father Agustin first blushed, then smiled shyly at hearing her opinion. In this case it wasn't the Church, it was him with the idea and with his family's money to back it, and he decided to admit it at her next question. He wasn't sure if he had ever stumbled on her Gazzetta or only on others', as there were a few Stamperie who published them.

"Your newspaper's name doesn't ring any bell, but i might have read it once or twice and forgot about it," he admitted. "I am Agustin Barbaro, and my family has always supported young artists. I make no exception. It happened that I saw one of them painting on the docks, I liked his paintings, and he recommended the other two young artists here. And I had the possibilities to arrange for this exhibition. I saw first the paintings to be selected, I had a say in their selection, so I think you'd better get the impressions from Monsieur de la Tremoille, also an art supporter," he said.

He was curious to learn the man's opinions too...

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Re: Promoting the young artists

Milan looked, surprised, in the same direction where Valentina’s eyes pointed. Yes, those two would have made a nice couple… but so would the man with Antonia, he mused. Dark and blonde, opposites attracting… He didn’t mind either opportunity, even if there might have been equal chances not to be anything at all.

”Why not? Although he is handsome enough to have a chance even with my cousin,” he chuckled. ”She deserves happiness too, but I think she is still mourning for her late husband, even if three years had passed since his death. They had a romantic love story, since he was my uncle’s apprentice and they grew up together. She was seventeen and he was twenty one when they got married.”

It dawned on him that it was the age Valentina and him were now, and he blushed even before she looked into his eyes, saying that she was glad.

”I am glad to have had the opportunity to meet you, to talk to you, to know you better. Because if we had met in the street, I might have looked at you until bumping into someone (or into a lantern or colonnade), without daring to tell you anything,” he admitted.

His blue eyes weren’t smoldering, but serene, like the Adriatic Sea at its depths, and sincere.

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Re: Promoting the young artists

"We are more alike than I thought, Milan, if we both wish for wonderful things like love for our families and can picture them with a specific person." Her eyes danced as she laughed softly, and then she lowered her voice, turning to face him fully with her dark eyes meeting his blue eyes, "I... Milan... I don't know how this will work if you court me. I am afraid to love but I can see myself loving you. Does that make sense? And there are times I wish just for us to be alone so we can talk, and I can tell you what you don't know and you can tell me what I don't know, but I don't know how it works. I've never wanted to be courted... Until now."

Her face flared red at her admission. If they weren't there, surrounded by so many people, she would lean up and brush her lips across his cheek, but she wouldn't do that there... They were not yet courting, it was not proper, she thought... She had not meant to even get this far into whatever relationship was budding between them, not yet when her sister deserved to find love first.

"I do know that my heart does beat a little faster when I get to see you." This was the first opportunity to say it, when her family and his family weren't right there to hear it. It wasn't something to declare to the world yet... Not until he had permission. It was important to her to have the blessings of her siblings and her papa.

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Re: Promoting the young artists

Toby had noticed that some people had asked about the painters, especially about the missing painter. "Though I can say that one of the men here was rather interested about some scandalous affair." Toby noticed. He knew that the priest was mature enough to know that something scandalous would come into view at an art gallery.

A few moments later Toby saw a young woman approaching him and the Padre. "Like I said earlier, Padre, I think you would be interested in our new contract with the Torcello Cathedral Restoration. " he addressed to him. " As late humanists we are interested in mixing the Renaissance style with the new style"

Toby turned towards the young woman as she addressed to him and the Padre. "Nice to meet you, Signora Antonia. I am Toby de la Tremoille." his name sounded French enough for her to already know that he was a French man. And perhaps his accent told the same thing. "Have seen it once in the market. But I don't know about the news in the Gazzetta. Anything we should know about?" he questioned the young woman, willing to hear the latest news right from her. Toby let the Padre respond to the young woman.

Toby didn't want much detail about himself in the Gazzette. He thought that the artists and Padre Agustin deserved some details in the article, since they made a brilliant event out of the exhibition. One of the artists painted Saint Veronica in rich detail. We see the clothing of a Burano woman and the handkerchief with intricate embroidery making the painting an artwork, bringing Saint Veronica in our days, like she is here with us.. Also, we see a procession in one of the cityscapes painted by the artists. The artists brought back the processions in their paintings, reminding of the old days of Renaissance.

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