Story Premise

Venice, 1792

With the war in France and the desperate plea of many nations for Venice to align with their nobility, it isn't a time for a petticoats and fancy tea parties. The artisans are uneasy, the merchants very aware that the ivory towers they had held to may be crumbling, and a Doge that sits upon the last of the Republic; times were troubled indeed.

Dark secrets come from dark waters, and even the marks of the masons and brotherhoods built under their trade are all too aware that the time for secrets and espionage has come once more. The Church feels that the devil himself has come to overshadow the great Venetian Republic and the satanic markings on various points in the city don't help to put those fears to rest.

Venice is a city where kings are made from the backs of hard working men and birthright matters very little. Would you come dance in the streets during carnival? Trade your wares with an infidel or jew? Paint the town in deep rich reds from the Italian painter's pallet? What of the glass cut so perfect that to an untrained eye it can be mistaken as a gemstone?

With so many cultures and ancient societies it may be hard to find your alliance. From old Templar legends to Hashashin (Assassins) loyals; Freemasons, Jacobites, Pirates, Banksters, Jesuits, Courtesans, and Kings.

In the City of Masks, who will you be?
word count: 244

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