Plotting with the Giant

Hello hello! Since you are looking through my plotter, I'm assuming that you want to make a thread with me? How fun! Here are all the character(s) that I currently have!

Liao Yu is an escort who enjoyes hearing gossip and rumours and then passing it along for a price. Be it that you want to hear some juicy stories or get your privates parts wet, she is your girl.

Madman Marco is a gravedigger who has gone mad. Eerie by both appearance and personality, it is always uncertain what the man will do or say next.

Basilio Gronchi a mean bastard that WILL hurt you if you don't pay up. Great for anyone who has not so legal things going on or wants to get hurt otherwise (I don't judge)
word count: 135
I like weird things

I think <a href='' rel='nofollow noopener' target='_blank'>Beppin Pasqualigo</a> can be the right man to appreciate an Asian beauty... (And yes, he can be charmed into spilling some secrets, but not the really important ones). Just that if she is a private escort, not exactly a brothel lady, I can't see him actually hiring her...

Would she have ordered something smuggled? His deals aren't always legal.

Could she be attacked, for him to save the damsel in distress and get rewarded with a cup of tea?

Do you have any other idea how they can meet?
word count: 109

Hey FP!!! Here is what I could think of:

Liao Yu and Ashlin: <a href=' ... wtopic=131' rel='nofollow noopener' target='_blank'>The man</a>is dry and dis-humored so I could see her being an intriguing creature to him and if she likes telling stories.. he would like listening and probably would take her to bed.

Liao Yu and <a href=' ... wtopic=132' rel='nofollow noopener' target='_blank'>Helena</a>: Friends or Rivals? Who knows, lets see what we can find out? They could meet on a corner of the canal and be like "this is my street bitch"..."no this is my street"... some modern day NY whore shit but take it back 1800 Venice style?

I love Marco app but honestly... have no idea who I could pair him with but had to give him love.

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word count: 168
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