Emilio the Headservant

Emilio Albani
Headservant to Alessandro da Verona
30 years old - headservant - heterosexual - loyal

Emilio has been working for the da Verona family for almost as long as he can remember. His parents both worked for the family too, settled in the Venice residence. Eventually though, his parents moved to serve the family at their estate near Verona and Emilio was chosen to stay behind and watch over and take care of the Villa da Verona in Venice. He has always been a good and loyal servant to the family and especially to Alessandro, whom he by now knows very well and knows how fragile he is. Emilio is the type of man who worries a lot about people. But he does also enjoy a good time when he has time off and this is where he will often visit his favorite brothel in town, Il Convento Dolce. Lately he enjoys staying in the house much though, since it is being filled with people once more and knowing this makes his master happy, it pleases Emilio to see this too.

What his family is like and what his upbringing was like is up to you. What his lovelife and his dreams are, is also up to you.

My suggested playby for this character is a young Antonio Banderas. So far Emilio has been an NPC and has always been described as handsome and with long, black hair, always pulled back into a tight ponytail.
word count: 243

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