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    1. The Six Sestieri and Beyond

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      The Six Sestieri of Venice and Surrounding areas.

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    2. Government and Politics

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      The Council of Ten. The Three. The Doge.

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    3. Military

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      The Military, Navy, and Guard.

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    4. Social, Gender and Economic Caste

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      The People. The Station. And the Means.

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    5. Culture and Society

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      Find tid-bits inside our members have found worthy of sharing about the Culture and Society of Venice and the surrounding world!

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    6. Religion and Folklore

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      Religion was everything in the 18th Century and especially for Venice. Though most were loyal subjects of Rome, the lagoon was home to many cultures and folk of the world.

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    7. Fashion and Decor

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      Venice was stunning both inside and out, be it the latest fashion from Paris to the most exotic decor from East Indies. Share your finds inside!

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    8. Education, Medicine and Science

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      Common to Higher learning and who received them. Medicinal Arts. The Sciences.

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    9. Sins and Suffering

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      Everything beautiful has its dark side. Inside you will see a few that we have found to be interesting!

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    10. Travel and Maps

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      How to move your characters about Venice and all her Islands. Maps of the City and surrounding areas.

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    11. Other

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      Have something that doesn't fit into the categories above? Post it here!

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      by Lily, Tue Jan 17, 2017 9:03 pm

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    3. Memento Mori

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      by Lily, Fri Jan 06, 2017 10:02 pm

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