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    1. Collegio Flanginiano

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      It is expected of every young man to have a degree in advanced philosophy, rhetorics, philology and logic; so naturally the college is on the mind of every young mother.

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    2. Santi Giovanni e Paolo

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      Gothic style church where the funerals of the Doges of the past were buried.

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    3. Arsenale

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      One of the centers of Venetian naval power, the Arsenale is a heavily guarded complex of shipyard and armories.

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    4. San Pietro di Castello

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      The seat of the Bishops.

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    5. Casa Della Scherma di Eberardo Pirozzi

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      Eberardo Pirozzi's "House of Fencing". While a school of some renown, the building in which it occupies is anything but noteworthy. If anything, the edifice and architecture can be called antediluvian. Its plaster veneer and once proud columns are worse for wear and dull in hue. Nonetheless, the building is always abuzz and filled with sportsmen and martially inclined patricians. The baritone laughter of its owner for which it is named fills the open halls. In the "City of Masks', this battleful building is one place in the city that men can bear their true face and daggers are not drawn with murderous intent.

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