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    1. Murano

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      A series of islands linked by bridges in a lagoon. The island is known for its glasswork and beauty.

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    2. Poveglia

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      Beware the phantoms that haunt the unmarked graves, the mass resting places of plague victims through the ages. This island has been vacant well through the 18th century and is just now starting to show life once more. It is a check point for ships to make sure they carry not the plague, but most of all it is an oubliette--a place to put things one wishes to forget. Be not surprised to find a bone or two unearthed by hunters, and dare not venture there after dark. But most of all...Death Be Not Proud.

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    3. Veneto

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      The farm lands and city beyond Venice. With the Dolomite Mountains, rolling hills, and old Roman roads it is by far one of the richest lands in all of the Venetian Republic.

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    4. Open Waters

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      The open sea was a dangerous place. The waters were patrolled by the navy yes, but the pirates of the dark waters picked them off one by one. Will your merchant ship make it through?

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