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Re: Autumn's Plots :D

@Antonia Saxida I would love to get some plots going with you. Kestrel could definitely use some friends :D Estrella could definitely make friends with Antonia. Hit me up on Discord next time you're on (Even if I am not) and I'll message you when I am :D.

Henrietta Abernathy Henrietta Abernathy Friends: A recent import to Venice her friends are few and far between. However, anyone who wants to apply for the job with have to deal with not knowing which sister they're dealing with. Family: Father: Joseph Abernathy - Businessman; Esther Abern...

Estrella Estrella Araya Current Threads April 1792: A bit of Horse Play - Domenico da Vigo One week after "Go away shrew" 1792: Ay Dios mio! You again! - Lucca Medina Completed Threads Mentor Me, Mentor You - Antonio Morosini 1792: The largest of lemons - Han Solo Month 1792: T...

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